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Looking for a specific college or department to follow? Here are our official University of Arizona affiliated accounts.

University of Arizona Social Media
Robert C. Robbins | President Andy Dumont
Alumni Rhaya Truman
Foundation Rhaya Truman
University of Arizona Police Department (UAPD) Sean Shields
Information Technology (UITS) Mary Veres

Arizona Athletics

Danny Martinez

Admissions     Emily Stulz
Arizona Student Unions   Laurie Fujieda
Bookstores   Laurie Fujieda
Campus Health Service   Carrie Johnson
Campus Recreation   Tara Watson
Arizona International Rikki Mioduski
Study Abroad   Alaina Mothershead
Housing & Residential Life   Ali Santander
International Admissions   Tristan Boisseau
Libraries   Kenya Johnson
Life at UArizona       Emily Stulz
Parking and Transportation Services   Laurie Fujieda
Office of Sustainability   Kendall Sternberg

Arizona Arts (College of Fine Arts)

Charlie Snyder

Center for Creative Photography

Meg Jackson Fox
Fred Fox School of Music Mindi Rey Acosta
School of Art     Ginette Gonzalez
School of Dance   Charlie Snyder
School of Theatre, Film and Television Jordan Lorsung
University of Arizona Museum of Art Chris Weir
Arizona Arts Live Sophie Gibson-Rush
The Pride of Arizona Marching Band Joe Gallegos

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

  Jennifer Yamnitz

Cooperative Extension

    Jessica Dorsey
Environmental Science   Denise Moreno Ramirez

Department of Biosystems Engineering

      A. Tevik
Norton School of Human Ecology   Estefania Villasenor

Nutritional Science

  Erin Schauer
Race Track Industry Program   Denise Pharris

College of Applied Science & Technology   Nicole Kontak

College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture

  Simmons Buntin
School of Landscape Architecture and Planning     Laura Jensen
Sustainable Built Environments   Ladd Keith

College of Education

  Khylie Gardner

College of Engineering

  Emily Dieckman

Department of Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering

      Dianne Smith

Department of Biomedical Engineering

  Andrea Anduaga

Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics

    Therese Lane

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

      Susan Novosel

Department of Mining & Geological Engineering

      Sherri Raskin

Systems & Industrial Engineering

    Angelique Leon

Eller College of Management

  Gavin Imes
Eller AZMEX       Alisha Kim
Eller School of Accountancy       Katie Maxwell
Eller College Undergrad       Veronica Atondo
Eller EBRC     Maile Nadelhoffer
INSITE       Yuanxia Li
Eller Management & Organizations       Mariah Brown
McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship   Jordan Elias
MIS at the University of Arizona     Erin Dietsche

Graduate College

  Stephanie Adamson

Health Sciences   Lesley Merrifield
Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine     Keith Labaw
Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center     Laura Morehouse
Arizona Telemedicine Program     Mike Holcomb
University of Arizona Cancer Center     Amy Williams
Center for Rural Health     Paul Akmajian
Department of Family and Community Medicine       Darci Slaten
College of Medicine: Phoenix   Ryan Loebe
College of Medicine: Tucson   David Bruzzese
College of Nursing   Jason Gelt
College of Pharmacy   LuzMaria Hernandez
Department of Immunobiology     Vanessa Gonzalez
Department of Psychiatry     Jamie Manser
Department of Physiology     Jo Barkely
Department of Surgery   Olivia Miltner
Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health   Shipherd Reed
Otolaryngology       Sonia Romo
Sarver Heart Center     Katie Maass
UA Steele Children's Research Center     Ashley Hammarstrom

W. A. Franke Honors College

    Anne Perry

College of Humanities

Eric Swedlund

Poetry Center

  Sarah Gzemski

College of Law

  Tracy Mueller

Research, Innovation and Impact (RII)   Craig Reck
BIO5 Institute   Caroline Mosley
Center for the Philosophy of Freedom     Mieczyslaw J. “Mitch” Zak
Center for Innovation     Jessa Turner
FORGE Erika Mitnik
Tech Launch Arizona     Paul Tumarkin
Tech Parks Arizona     Jessa Turner

Online   Eva Marie Hube

College of Optical Sciences

  Amee Hennig

College of Science

  Jenna Rutschman
Mt. Lemmon Sky Center   Alan Strauss
UA Science: Sky School       Rebecca Lipson
Richard F. Caris Mirror Lab       Vanessa Gressieux
Desert Laboratories on Tumamoc Hills     Trica Oshant Hawkins
Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research   Pamela Pelletier
Flandrau Science Center & Planetarium   Shipherd Reed
Biosphere 2   Eden Jaeger
Astronomy (ASTRO)        
Steward Observatory     Xiaohui Fan
OSIRIS-REx   Brittany Enos
Chemistry and BioChemistry (CBC)   Olivia Mendoza
Geosciences     Hannah McCormick
Water Network        
Lunar and Planetary Laboratory   Amy Brenton
Molecular & Cellular Biology (MCB)   Christine Acosta
Neuroscience & Cognitive Science (NSCS)     Becca Van Sickler
Psychology       Vanessa Noonkester
Speech, Language and Hearing Science     Dana Eriksson
Lowell Institute for Mineral Resources   Dietlinde B. DuPlessis

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

  Ana Tello
American Indian Studies   Matt Gilbert
Anthropology     Diana Austin
Communication   Ruth Montes de Oca
English     Anne Sheppard
Gender and Women's Studies   Stephanie Troutman Robbins
Geography, Development & Environment       Amanda Percy
Government and Public Policy   Angela Hackett
History   Dakota Hogeboom
Information   Barbara Vandervelde
Journalism   Mike Chesnick
Judaic Studies   Jackie Schmidt
Latin American Studies   Clea Conlin
Linguistics     Stephanie Amado
Mexican American Studies       Julieta Gomez
Middle Eastern and North African Studies     Randa Abdu
Sociology   Lauren Jacobson

College of Veterinary Medicine   Mindy Burnett



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